Hna ymout Kaci

The title of this post could be added to the “Algerian wisdom” page as it is a widely known Algerian saying; but I feel many countries do have a similar saying (if they don’t then they should get one) as proven by Gbagbo in CIV, Ezzine who did his best to stay in charge in Tunisia or Mubarak who is still giving it his all to remain the undisputed Zaim.

The Algerian president is also a fan of this saying as it seems he intends to not leave before death comes. Someone should tell him the saying is only an image and that three mandates are already an eternity for most of us. It is by the way ironic that the candidate who declared in 1999 that his life was behind him, that he had no interest in Power, that if the people did not want him he’d be glad to leave them with their mediocrity; that man changed the constitution and cheated in the elections just to stay in charge of these mediocre people.

But the problem is in the alternative. And I am not talking here about the genuine alternative which fails to exist so far. I am talking of the visible alternative, that of the opposition parties and of the different associations that exist in the country. This alternative, whether close or not from the Power, is composed of fans of hna ymout kaci.

I decided in this post to look at the different organisations that exist in Algeria, who leads them and since when. The below list is not exhaustive.

  • Algerian presidency: Bouteflika (12 years). I guess it would have been longer -perhaps at another position, had he not been ousted after Boumediene’s death.
  • DRS: Toufik (21 years). He was already playing the puppeteer before the DRS.
  • Ministry of education: Benbouzid (17 years).
  • FFS: Da l’Houcine (48 years).
  • RCD: Said Saadi (22 years). His recent declaration about him wishing to leave but his presence being necessary is funny. Reminds me of the first person in this list.
  • UGTA: Sidi Said (14 years). I wonder if his predecessor, Abdelhak Benhammouda, would have been still in charge if he hadn’t been killed.
  • FNA: Moussa Touati (11 years). You’d say it’s not too long but his past is telling: He created the ONEC (organisation of the martyrs’ children) in 1986 which he led till 1992, the year he created the alternate CNEC (coordination of the martyrs’ children) which he led till 2000 (creation of the FNA).
  • Scouts (AMS): Ben Brahem (14 years). He just “won” the “elections” for another mandate.
  • RND: Ouyahia (11 years).
  • HMS: Soltani (8 years). Here too, if Nahnah (13 years leading the party) was not dead, I guess he’d still be in charge.
  • PT: Hanoune (22 years).
  • Ahd54: Fawzi Rebaine (20 years).

I think the list is long enough; I could have added more (ONM, terrorism victims, the disappeared, etc.) I just notice that the FLN had many presidents in the past 20 years, although the power transfer hasn’t always been democratic…


11 thoughts on “Hna ymout Kaci

  1. Very interesting. Since it is time that matters, here is your list in… order

    1. FFS: Da l’Houcine (48 years).
    2. RCD: Said Saadi (22 years). PT: Hanoune (22 years).
    3. DRS: Toufik (21 years).
    4. Ahd54: Fawzi Rebaine (20 years).
    5. Ministry of education: Benbouzid (17 years).
    6. Scouts (AMS): Ben Brahem (14 years).
    7. UGTA: Sidi Said (14 years).
    8. Algerian presidency: Bouteflika (12 years).
    9. FNA: Moussa Touati (11 years).
    10. RND: Ouyahia (11 years).
    11. HMS: Soltani (8 years).

    Let’s remove the opposition leaders and leave those holding office in the state
    1. DRS: Toufik (21 years).
    2. Ministry of education: Benbouzid (17 years).
    3. Algerian presidency: Bouteflika (12 years).

    …since the 90s
    1. DRS: Toufik (21 years).
    2. Ministry of education: Benbouzid (17 years).

    …very interesting indeed!

    • Thanks for reordering the list and… reducing it to two people. If ForAlgerian’s PS in the below comment was accepted the final list would include Benbouzid alone 🙂

      But your result is interesting yes.

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  3. This is indeed a good and spot on observation, and as Med Cherif pointed out, this is a logical situation, as what we see on the top is only a product of the masses.
    We have to admit that we’re still have the cult of personalities and the moment we start looking for competence rather than fame, then I believe that we can finally move on, but it has to start from the bottom, from all of us.
    Let us bring what is positive no matter how insignificant it might be, in our society and promote it.
    I’m not a pessimist and there’s hope .

    Best regards.

    I think the DRS is not supposed to be on the list because the person at its head is not elected.

    • I think the DRS is not supposed to be on the list because the person at its head is not elected.

      Are you kidding me? This position is so important that even in democracies heads and top staffs of secret services are usually replaced whenever a new president is elected. Let alone Algeria where the DRS, in spite of all its tasks, still has free time to take part in the political affairs of the country. Toufik leads one important clan in the Algerian regime and does therefore deserve to be in the above list.

  4. What do you think about the figures below? would that tell us at least; where we are classified?


    · Abdulai Wade âgé de 83 ans
    · Hosni Moubarak (Egypte) âgé de 82 ans
    · Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) âgé de 86 ans
    · Hifikepunye Pohamba (Namibie) âgé de 74 ans
    · Rupiah Banda (Zambie) âgé de 73 ans
    · Mwai Kibaki (Kenya) âgé de 71 ans
    · Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Libéria) âgé de 75 ans
    · Mouammar Kadhafi (Libye) âgé de 68 ans
    · Jacob Zuma (Afrique du Sud) âgé de 68 ans
    · Bingu Wa Mtalika (Malawi) âgé de 76 ans
    · Paul Biya (Cameroun) âgé de 77 ans
    · Abdelaziz Bouteflika (Algerie) âgé de 73 ans
    · Zine El-abidine Ben Ali (Tunisie) âgé de 74 ans

    Âge moyen: 75,3 ~ environ 76 ans


    · Barrack Obama (USA) âgé de 48 ans
    · David Cameron (Royaume-Uni) âgé de 43 ans
    · Dimitri Medvedev (Russie) âgé de 45 ans
    · Stephen Harper (Canada) âgé de 51 ans
    · Julia Gillard (Australie) âgée de 49 ans
    · Nicolas Sarkozy (France) âgé de 55 ans
    · Luis Zapatero (Espagne) âgé de 49 ans
    · Jose Socrates (Portugal) âgé de 53 ans
    · Angela Merkel (Allemagne) âgée de 56 ans
    · Herman Van Rompuy (Belgique) âgé de 62 ans

    Âge moyen: 51,1 ~ environ 51 ans

    • Thanks Mohamed for this interesting list. I wonder why they say life expectancy is low in Africa!
      Sometimes I think of Algeria in the 60s and 70s. Our ministers and most people in charge were young. The problem is most of these people decided to stay ad vitam in charge…

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