Takhti rassi!

A short post to react to the recent decisions of the Algerian government and which aim at preventing any serious popular uprise and suggest a solution to Bouteflika.

So the early January riots have been ended using 30 billion dinars as subsidies to God knows who in order to lower the cooking oil and sugar prices. But the plan didn’t work well because of the stupid Tunisians who managed to oust their dictator, pushing some Algerians to try the “do what I wish or I immolate myself” method. So a few days ago we read of the wali of Tizi-Ouzou who finally agreed to seek an end to a cars’ papers fraud issue after one of the suspects (or victims) threatened to immolate himself. And today I read two different articles on decisions allegedly made by the government in order to make sure there is no social unrest in the future.

A demonstration is planned in Algiers on February 12th, and I wonder what the Mouradia host will find to cancel or at least reduce it. I am not sure the police deployment they made to counter last week’s RCD call will be enough this time. So I am thinking the easiest and cheapest way-out would be to pay the Tunisian football team so they lose against us on February 9th. But I am not sure this will be possible as the Tunisian footballers wouldn’t like to start their life as free men with a loss. Perhaps it would be better if Bouteflika speaks to the people and says Algeria will beat Morocco on their March 27th match (he’d have to pay the Moroccans too as our chances to beat them are very slim).

The “takhti rassi” rule is something we Algerians have followed most of our lives. But I wonder what this rule will make our rulers do and what they are ready to give away so that “takhti ras’houm”. I bet they’ll do a lot but certainly not give up on the Power.


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