A blank post

I just came back from home and, like every time, I have mixed feelings. I of course miss my family, my country and my people (not all of them I have to admit), but at the same time my heart is filled with anger and pain for what I’ve witnessed during my holidays.

I must say that I am never surprised as I have a job which allows me to go home many times a year (and I do) and I stay connected to/with Algeria when I am abroad (while I am hardly aware of what’s happening in the country I live in). But my stays in Algeria always display all the country’s problems like a punch in my face.

This time too, I came back with a list of things which are going wrong. Perhaps am I blind to positive things (even those aspects which look positive to many Algerians such as Beb Ezzouar mall, etc. are the most negative things in my eyes) or is it that I am not looking in the right direction. But what to do, I cannot lie to myself. Milk crisis is now followed by other goods’ prices increase, and bread might follow soon. People are more and more apathetic and don’t care about anything; even “أضعف الإيمان” is too much to ask. Violence and crimes are at continuously (and alarmingly) increasing levels. Cultural alienation of our people who not only celebrate the NY with a chocolate log, but are also happy to celebrate Xmas and take pictures with Santa while proudly speaking in (bad) French with their children is just devastating. The political sphere and mediocrity of “our leaders” is not a secret. Benbouzid who discovers that his 8 years long reform of primary school was a big mistake and is preparing a new one (surprise! surprise! It will be based on reading, writing and calculus, just like the French reform)… The worst and which really depressed me was when I saw the ENTV’s summary of 2010 events and how they claimed everything God had blessed us with last year was an achievement of Bouteflika.

So I thought I’d write about each of these topics but I am lacking time and the list is too long. Then I remembered one of Ahlam Mosteghanemi‘s articles (published in some Arab newspaper and then in her “قلوبهم معنا و قنابلهم علينا” book) in which she wrote the same idea while talking about the Arab world’s problems. I am kind of plagiarizing her here (hope she doesn’t mind). With regard to their number, it’s better to avoid talking of these problems and write a blank post.
In her article Mosteghanemi related this Egyptian joke:

An Egyptian man was distributing leaflets in the street so the police very quickly came in and arrested him. They found out the leaflets were blank so they asked him why he’d distribute blank leaflets. He answered, “there are too many problems to write about, اكتب إيه ولا إيه ولا إيه”

Now riots have erupted in many spots in Algeria as an echo to our Tunisian neighbours. Here too I cannot decide what to say and what to leave. As much as I disagree with the government and its friends, I disagree with the way these youths are showing their discontent. Instead, I share le HIC’s caricature on ElWatan. Perhaps this riots were expected by the rulers and the cartoonist is right.

Courtesy of ElWatan


7 thoughts on “A blank post

    • I don’t think so Abdelkader, I believe they just don’t care and would love to completely ignore us the people if they could. As to the people, they wouldn’t make such moves if there were genuine elites or oppositions voicing their opinions in a “civilised” way.

      Bouteflika should organise monthly football matches in southern Sudan against Egypt and send all these rioters (and their Egyptian and why not Tunisian counterparts) there with one-way tickets. I am sure Mubarak and Omar Al Bashir wouldn’t mind.

  1. I think there is no civilized way with a govt that rules one of the richest countries in the world while people are more than poor!

    I totally support every act against these Mafia ruling the country, maybe the govt will be aware someday that there are humans living in that country and not just some mammals in a zoo (yeah mammal got treated a lot better in a respected zoo)

    • I too support every “smart” action against this mafia but I know that acts such as these riots won’t take us anywhere.
      By civilised I meant organised and intelligent. You cannot change a bit by putting some teenagers (now I will be accused of minimising the “uprising”) in the streets, esp. when they target the population, its properties and its jobs.

  2. I do agree a lot with what are you saying ya l’menarvi !
    I’m really waiting for a brand new article. I promise the next time I’ll be more critical !

    Thanks for the article

    • Hehe thanks Random Algerian for your comments. You kind of gave a second (or third) life to this blog which is in semi-hibernation mode.

      I also need to write about more controversial topics I guess 🙂

      • I know it’s hard (not to say “nonsense”) to share one’s though in a blog if none read [debate, argue] them !
        I personally think that the biggest threat facing Algeria is the “dispatch” of its elite [I don’t like the word “elite” but you got the idea] … and of course “fari9 tassoud”.
        Everybody is yelling in it’s corner … telling quite the same think. The end result, we are not going forward !
        Who knows ?! Someday, people will get together, take action and will have a bigger impact.

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