Poll: Disappointing WikiLeaks on Algeria

The title says it all; despite the many daily articles we read on the Algerian newspapers and those some specialist (or not) bloggers dedicated to the topic, I think the Algeria-related cables we got to know so far didn’t bring any additional information to what everyone already knew. I didn’t really follow the international news recently and I am therefore not aware of all the cables’ contents but even those related to the Middle-East and the probable war on Iran had little interest if at all.

I would like first to say that I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of WikiLeaks sharing these cables first with some mainstream newspapers which “analyse” (and filter) them for us. Although this method might have limited fake reports such as the one reported in The Guardian, I believe that getting the cables through mainstream media kind of nullifies the very principle of WikiLeaks existence. I am even less comfortable when I read that the NYTimes “being a responsible media” had met with the White House before releasing the Afghanistan war logs a few months back.

Before we started getting Algeria-related leaks, I read somewhere disappointed journalists who thought we wouldn’t get any and who argued that this was a sign of the non-importance of Algeria and North Africa as a whole in the eyes of the USA. This reminded me of a previous post. Then we learned that the American diplomats in our country did their job too and that there were some 1000+ cables which mentioned Algeria. Thank God, honour’s saved.

As I am putting some of them in the poll, I will not go through all the topics we could find in the few cables that have been published so far. I will just say again that none did add to what I already knew.

However, there were some cables which carried information within the information and which interested me to some extent. I know now that the Americans know as little about the Algerian regime’s logics as we Algerian people do, and they are just as confused. Another point is when they mentioned our regime’s paranoia and the long time it took them to get Algeria’s agreement for some American surveillance planes to fly in Algerian skies. I may be taking risks here, but I feel this information just confirms what the American and Algerian officials had always said: there is no American military base in Algeria.  Remember that nobody (including Zitout) could provide evidence of the existence of a this base, and the articles and photos some French newspapers published last September were but a joke.

We have to wait before we get hold of the 1000+ cables. I just hope to find in one of them the only information I am curious about: What do Algerian opposition parties say to the American diplomats during their not-so-often meetings? I would also like to know what the American diplomats wrote about the financial scandals: Sonatrach, BRC, etc. And of course, if there really is an American military base in Algeria, I would like to see it mentioned in one of these stupid cables.

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Disappointing WikiLeaks on Algeria

  1. FYI, the cables are published on the wikileaks website as well, so you do not need the mainstream media to know their content.I suppose they come with a different taste when spice is added to them by some journalists.

    These leaks have not been earth-sahttering, they have not told us anything we didnt know before… boring is the word I would use

  2. bofff…… those wikileaks should be calledd “weaky leaks” they didn’t unveil any secret we didn’t already know…the bad are the bad…the weak are the weak…and the belly dancers are the same belly dancers we all know…another bubble of cyber freedom…illusion.

  3. Looks like I should’ve made a poll on the alternative names for WikiLeaks… BoringLeaks, WeakyLeaks or WikiLies…

    Pandora, in one of the cables I found on one mirror site for WikiLeaks, I read that some US diplomat has noticed that you stopped commenting on this blog. I am doubting the trustworthiness of all these mirror sites and I guess I should just rely on El Moudjahid.

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