Kamel Messaoudi, 12 years already!

Kamel Messaoudi

Like many Algerians, I discovered Kamel Messaoudi in 1991 on Bled Music program. He had released his new song, Echem3a or the candle. Mixing melancholy and optimism, Kamel Messaoudi became the favourite singer of many young Algerians, and helped get Chaabi music (through his “chansonette”) back on track.

12 years ago, aged only 37, Kamel (Allah yarahmou) died in a car accident. He left but he’s still remembered and his work remains alive. In a short time, he produced some of the best songs ever, probably aided by his collaboration with Yacine Ouabed (check out some of his poems here) and Cheikh Elhasnaoui‘s and Dahmane El Harrachi‘s  influence.

I cannot decide which of his songs I like most but I will share here Echem3a as it was the first I heard. Though, do not miss songs such as “ana wenti ya guitara”, “ya hasra ya denia”, “ya dzair”, “lahnina”, “gheddara”, “noudjoum ellil”, “ma bqatsh redjla”, etc.


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