“Patriots on Fire” is one year old!

I have to say that I didn’t think I would write this post one day as I wasn’t sure the blog would live that long. But it did. We started the blog after what I call the Egyptian crisis (I believe Algeria had nothing to do with it) following the Algerian qualification for WC2010; but we knew, from the beginning, that it wouldn’t be dedicated to football… or to Egypt.

I guess I should share some statistics.

Total number of posts: 122 in 20 categories.
Total number of comments: 440
Total number of spams: 909
Total number of views: 16,011
Daily average number of views: 44
Busiest day: June 18th, 2010 with 174 views. That was during the WC!
Number of subscribers: 13.

I installed the flag counter in March or May, I can’t remember. So since that day, we had 7,120 unique visitors (IPs) from 132 different countries; with people in Algeria topping the list, followed by the USA, the UK, France and Canada.

The blog’s Alexa ranking is 3,208,023 today.

The  most-viewed posts are:
International Women’s Day: year 99 with 348 views,
A story of an Algerian teacher with 328 views,
Noteworthy Algerians with 285 views,
On the unemployment rate in Algeria with 284 views, and
Algeria launched ALSAT-2A with 268 views.

I must admit most of the posts I like are not in this top5, but you cannot control the readers… The other things I am not too happy with are: the fact we had only one guest post, the fact we didn’t receive too many comments (perhaps I am more attached to foruming than I am to blogging), and the fact nobody contributed to the other pages of the blog. Everything else is positive to me.

Anyway, one year is gone and it tells us nothing about the next one. I am contemplating the idea of posting in French and/or Arabic as most fellow Algerian people do use these languages. I don’t know so let’s make no plans for now and take things the way they come.


6 thoughts on ““Patriots on Fire” is one year old!

  1. Happy for you my dear brother and more success.
    In fact, since the first visit I was impressed by this blog I do not know why.
    Maybe because I want to learn English because I do not like the French language.
    With regard to the idea of writing in French or Arabic is a nice idea if they were in Arabic.
    Good luck.

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