Ahlam Mosteghanemi

Ahlam Mosteghanemi

I posted this today so I thought it was time to add Ahlam to this page.
Like many Arabs, I’ve read and enjoyed her famous trilogy (Memory in the flesh, Chaos of the senses and Passer by a bed), but I also read some others of her writings. I haven’t yet got hold of her Nissian.com but I was told it’s a females’ book so I am not in a rush.

I don’t have much to tell about Mosteghanemi which is not already online. I mean there are her own websites and many other dedicated pages which anyone can visit. But I can tell that I do not only love her writing style and the stories she tells, but I also like the kind of overwhelming passion she’s got for Constantine and its other great novelist Malek Haddad (I will post about him inshAllah) and the way she’s been able to share it in her novels.Memory in the flesh is being filmed right now between Syria, France and Algeria. The out-coming series, directed by Syrian Najdat Anzour and with the female main character played by Algerian Amel Bouchoucha will be shown on TV (ENTV and some other UAE’s channel) during Ramadhan.


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