The most influential Arab country is…

Some Algerian and Moroccan forumers spend waste their time online arguing over which country is stronger, better and more important. There are reasons which could explain the “animosity” we can see between these people, but this is not the object of this post.

I remember on the same forums I linked to above, somebody seemed to link the importance/weight of a country to the strength of its relationships with Europe (mainly France and Spain when we consider Algeria and Morocco) and the United States. This meaning that you are important only if Europe and the USA think you are. While I disagree with this statement, I thought why not suppose it’s true and take it a little further. So I would add that a country’s (or anything for the matter) importance to the US could be measured by the number of occurrences of this country (or thing) in the American president’s speeches.

Having defined my criterion, and using a nice tool provided by The Washington Post, I can now scientifically rank the Arab states from the most influential to the most useless. Here is the result:

  1. Iraq (55)
  2. KSA (6)
  3. Somalia (6)
  4. Egypt (4). Isn’t this disappointing?!
  5. Libya (4). Well done Muammar! A little more and you’ll be number one.
  6. Yemen (4)
  7. Jordan (3). There are 4 occurrences but in one, I think it was Michael Jordan.
  8. Lebanon (3)
  9. Oman (3). I found 63 occurrences but 60 of them were actually woman. I didn’t check the remaining there which may be part of some other words.
  10. Palestine (3). I don’t know about you, but I think 3 is really small. Is the tool really working?
  11. Sudan (3)
  12. Syria (3)
  13. Algeria (1). Ok it was when the US beat us during the last WC, but at least this definitively closes the debate: Algeria is more powerful than Morocco (0). It’s also telling on how a simple game could change the image of a country.
  14. Kuwait (1)

That’s it; all the remaining countries have never been mentioned by President Obama. So Iraq is the most powerful and influential Arab country during the Obama administration. And I have a feeling it will remain so for some years to come.

And while I am at it, here is a list of some key words and the number of their occurrences:

  1. Islam: 18
  2. War: 300
  3. Peace: 82
  4. Arab: 33
  5. World: 225
  6. Terror: 70

You too can play now and find out what’s important to the US, i.e. what should be important to you.

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8 thoughts on “The most influential Arab country is…

  1. I think ‘Life is with; who is standing up’.

    None can offer you the right importance, if you don’t sue it your self…, when it comes to the nation’s scale, there is no enemy or friend for ever; there is only profit that defines relations.

    It’s your ability to swim between the whales and the sardines that makes you so important… otherwise you end up boring; stagnated in the deep.

    • Welcome back Mohamed! Hope you’ve been well.

      when it comes to the nation’s scale, there is no enemy or friend for ever; there is only profit that defines relations.

      I partly agree on this, and that’s what makes the people who feel proud because the US considers them more ludicrous. And I said partly because I believe profit is not (and should not be) alone; principles have a role to play as well.

    • Sorry for that Maysaloon.
      You are invited to file a complaint against Bashar who, by withdrawing the Syrian troops from Lebanon, drastically reduced the country’s importance 🙂

  2. What about counting the number of “unemployed” persons in each country, I believe this can be taken as a “measure” for how much the country offer “rest” and “relaxation” to its citizens XD

  3. Looks like the US debate on foreign policy between Obama and Romney has set a new ranking.

    Iran: 47
    China: 35
    Israel: 34
    Afghanistan: 29
    Syria: 28
    Pakistan: 25
    Iraq: 22
    Libya: 12
    Egypt: 11
    Russia: 10
    Mali: 4
    Turkey: 3
    Great Britain/United Kingdom: 2
    Greece: 2
    Lebanon: 2
    Saudi Arabia: 2
    Cuba: 1
    France: 1
    North Korea: 1
    Qatar: 1
    Somalia: 1
    Yemen: 1


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