Is there a limit to Algeria’s collective amnesia?

I wrote in the past about Algeria’s collective amnesia and how our people tend to forget (and not to forgive, which might have been more understandable) the (bad) role of some FIS leaders during the bloody 90s decade. And I came across the above video where you can see Ali Belhadj, former VP of the dissolved party, criticizing many Algerian officials in a humorous way. And you can see many Algerians around him laughing at his “jokes”.

I don’t remember what I wrote on that old post and I may be repeating myself a little, but I still don’t understand how this man is allowed to speak in public and inside a mosque. Especially that we know the role the mosques have played in the Algerian tragedy when they got hijacked by FIS members. I know he’s not allowed to take the microphone and speak from the minbar, but even these informal gatherings should be forbidden. And don’t say it’s included in the Civil Concord, the National Reconciliation or the Amnesty. The guy is not one of those the system used to call “المغرر بهم”, but he was a leader who never condemned what his former (and still) friends did!

That was one point on the authorities. Now the population. For God’s sake, what do these people around him think? Do they not realise that the man they are listening to was among those who triggered the civil war? Or may be they think he’s the victim of the Pouvoir and that, because he killed nobody, he is not to blame?
Or perhaps it is like the good old times, the man knows they hate the Pouvoir so he criticizes it. I just hope they don’t fall for it again, and they understand he’s only telling them what they want to hear. Just consider the many topics he mentions in 6 minutes.

The third point would have been about Belhadj himself, and I could have said that he should be ashamed of all what he did, that he should feel some guilt and decide to stay in his house and never speak to anyone. But that wouldn’t be relevant for a loser such as him…

Instead of the above video, I suggest those people with short memories watch this one.

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