Algeria launched ALSAT-2A

Algeria has finally launched its new satellite ALSAT-2A after having postponed it for two years (delay not always due to the Algerian side). The satellite, built by Astrium, is the first of the second generation after ALSAT-1 and should be followed by ALSAT-2B which will be built in Algeria (Arzew) with Astrium‘s collaboration.

ALSAT-2 was launched two days ago from an Indian launch base, and will be used to observe Algeria with a resolution of 2.5m and a higher image quality compared to ALSAT-1 (launched in 2002). These two satellites’ images will be used in a wide range of applications including cartography, management of agriculture, forestry, water, mineral and oil resources, crop protection, management of natural disasters and land planning.

The Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) sent around 30 of its engineers and specialists for training in Astium’s Toulouse centre so they learn the techniques which will enable them to process ALSAT-2A’s images, build ALSAT-2B and have an active participation in the Algerian ambitious space program (many telecommunication satellites to be launched, starting by ALCOMSAT-1).

Here you will see some of the images captured by ALSAT-1.

ALSAT-2A and the Algerian engineers in India, courtesy of ASAL

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3 thoughts on “Algeria launched ALSAT-2A

  1. When I told my students about the Algerian satellites, they laughed and almost thought I was joking!
    They have never heard of ALSAt 1 or 2.
    SHAME on the Algerian media!!!
    These Algerian engineers are the ones to be special guests on the Algerain Tv news not……!!!!

    May God save our nation!

    • I remember the Algerian newspapers and TV talked about it but certainly not as much as they did with the football games. And the Algerian TV is so mediocre that almost nobody watches it anyway and such news get missed.

      Your comment highlights something more worrisome; the fact your students laughed and didn’t believe you. It’s telling on the confidence they have in our capabilities, and I am afraid it has nothing to do with self derision.

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