England vs. Algeria : the dreaded game

Dear oh dear! The worst case scenario has materialized following the first match defeat on the hands (or rather feet) of those Slovenians. Although our team did outplay their Slovenian counterparts in the first half, the Slovenians came back in the second half and delivered a footballistic crusade on the Algerian team’s side of the pitch: statistics had to favor them to score a goal as Chaouchi couldn’t hang on forever (if it weren’t for him, we’d have had to lump down at least 3 more goals). Now, qualifying for the next round would be more complicated, it’s very frustrating because the Greens have stupidly let an easy and perfectly feasible 3 precious points slip through their toes. I was initially relieved to see a significantly better performance by our team than the dismal way they have played in the friendly matches. However, after watching the other games and how other teams have played (notably the North Koreans against Brazil), I have grown increasingly frustrated at the total lack of motivation and will to win and give it their utmost that our players have displayed. I mean, they’re in the World Cup for God’s sake! They should be more excited, more determined to win, yes win and go as far as possible! One of the great things about football (especially modern football, ever since the mobility of players has increased in between big tournaments) is that anything is possible, any team could win the World Cup providing they play with determination and discipline. I wonder if the defeatist and self-loathing Algerian Mindset is more potent than even football passion (if it is the case then et’herdet taa essah, no cure in the horizon).

Ever since the defeat, the national press have been going mad with all sorts of interpretations and predictions (apocalyptic or otherwise). Apparently, Ghezzal has had a tantrum and Mansouri has stopped speaking to Saâdane after he relegated them to the ranks of the substitutes. On the telly the other day, Matmour was slagging off his team mates indirectly by saying that those who keep saying that the problem of our national football team is the inefficient attack have got it wrong, because the real problem according to him is not that our attack is poorly served with strikers but rather that it is poorly served with balls from the midfield. I was a bit surprised to hear gentle Matmour speak so harshly about his team mates, he is usually so calm and measured. Chaouchi is now blamed for the defeat and to spill more oil on the fire, a stupid journalist from French newspaper Libération has written an inflammatory article about the Fennecs’ performance against Slovenia. Zidane has also commented on the match and declared that it is difficult to continue to support a team that does not play with a passion to win.

Matters are even more complicated now as the USA have made a draw against England in the opening game of Group C, making Algeria at the bottom of the scoreboard. But who knows, we might still win (yeah right!). Here is a preview of the next match against England from FIFA and from Worldcup blog. Below is a video with commentaries from some Fennecs and coach Rabah Saâdane. Wesh ngoul! “معاك يا الخضرا رابحة ولا خاسرة“!!

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14 thoughts on “England vs. Algeria : the dreaded game

  1. Zidane’s right. You can’t win if you don’t give it your all, and it was obvious that our team stopped playing when they got in the Slovenian 30 yards.

    I read somewhere that Saadane declared they’d be more daring against England. Hope we won’t lose by a 4 or 5 goals difference. I mean, for sure, the manner is what matters even if we lose (esp. that we’re outsiders and if you consider Spain’s or Cameroon’s results), but at the same time, I don’t want us to get a humiliating defeat.

    The UK’s new ambassador in Algiers said “I am delighted to have the opportunity to play my part in strengthening and deepening the relationship between the United Kingdom and Algeria., and he declared that”. I say we will see after the game.

    • Well, the ambassador seems to have spoken too soon because mischief has errupted in South Africa between Algerian football fans and English hooligans I heard on Al Jazeera news this morning.

      What pains me most is not defeat but the painful realization that none of our players seem to be playing for the flag apart maybe from Ziani, Bougherra, Halliche and perhaps Yahya. This is all relatively speaking of course because it’s difficult to say as they have been paid loads of money and perks compared to the 1982 squad.

  2. I’d rather our team gets disqualified now with a reasonable ‘not too humiliating’ score against England than face Germany in the next round for 2 reasons: first, Germany put in a very strong performance in their World Cup opener and seem quite prepared for the tournament, they surely would crash us. Second let’s not deprive the algerian people of their proud memory of the 1982 2-1 win against Germany, I mean that would be just crual.

    • My 2p, you sound like my Mum who said yesterday that the French team were glad to get disqualified at this early stage because it would save them from loads of running and sweating. They can now go rest and enjoy their Euros.

  3. After losing to Slovenia, Algeria will play against two enraged dogs (England and the USA) as both teams are now desperate to win! Great, let’s enjoy the beating up!

    This makes us the only team in this group beaten by all other 3 teams. Not an easy thing to achieve. There algerianna, I am being positive.

  4. A fair game by the Fennecs . Well done!
    Riad Boudebouz proved again that, with Meghni, we have two awesome 10s. Speedy Belhadj, Ziani, Yebda, all played great even though they frightened us sometimes. It makes you regret the fact we lack real strikers, and the opportunity we missed against Slovenia.

    England’s players looked tired and Rooney, who’s been cocky before the match, was simply transparent. It’s not easy any more, is it?

    It’s a shame we only react when under pressure, like we did during the CAN. Now that we’re back in business, we have to win against the US and hope Slovenia won’t lose against England (we could also qualify if England wins but we would need to score many times).

    One two three Viva l’Algerie!

  5. Yes well done les Fennecs, solid performance which deserved to be crowned with at least a goal. I was very annoyed to see the Italians display their mastery of dirty tactics in their match against New Zealand yesterday – I mean, one accidental bump with a player from the opponent team within the penalty zone and three or four Italian players fall to the ground simultaneously! I almost admired their fantastic acting skills, but found them too Mafia-like for my refined taste.

    I admit however that I wished that Abdoun had thought of doing the same when his shorts were pulled by one of the English players in the penalty zone during the match against England! That would have almost sealed our place in the next round!

    I heard that the Italians train in simulating convincing falls, perhaps Cheikh Saâdane should ditch his ideals of fairplay and clean games and consider developing this strategic asset within the Fennecs 🙂

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