Algeria vs. Slovenia, the key game

Nelson Mandela couldn’t attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 World Cup after the tragic death of his great-granddaughter, and he also missed the opening game (1-1) which opposed his country to Mexico. The South-African team had the honour to score the first goal of the competition, and it seems it wouldn’t need the referees’ help to qualify for the next round (the host country’s team has never been eliminated in the groups’ round).

So far and after five games, the French team proved once again that it is unable to score (0-0 against Uruguay); the Koreans burst the Greek bubble (a well deserved 2-0 preventing the Greek population from forgetting their financial crisis); and the talented but young Nigerians did well against Maradona‘s team (0-1) even if the latter didn’t give it their all.

More important for us is the Brits vs. Yanks game (1-1). Both teams played in their usual style with the English players trying to reach Heskey (or the 2.01m Crouch ) as soon as possible, while the Americans tried to construct their attacks. England scored very quickly (around the 5th minute) but its goalkeeper, Green, decided to outperform Calamity James and let the famous Jabulani ball in. In contrast, the American goalkeeper did wonderfully well. English Gerrard and Rooney and American Donovan and Dempsey also played well, but both defences are not that strong, especially when the forwards accelerate.

So tomorrow will be Algeria’s turn. Playing against Slovenia at 12:30am Algeria time, many Algerians will take a sick leave, a day off, or will just bring the telly at their work place.
The team suffers from many injuries which will add to the lack of preparation and cohesion we could see through the warm-up games. Saadane has finally decided to bench Mansouri (was about time!) and took the same decision for Ghezzal before Djebbour’s injury (so this could change).

I don’t know whether or not the England/USA result is good for us. I guess it is not important before tomorrow’s game. Both Algeria and Slovenia are the outsiders and the game’s winner will have the best chances to qualify for the next round. I believe Algeria could win tomorrow, we have the talent, but the injuries and lack of competition of many of our key players could hinder our chances. In any case, if we cannot win then I hope we won’t lose.

The Algerian starting should be:

Bougherra – Halliche – Yahia
Yebda – Kadir – Lacen – Belhadj
Matmour – Ziani
Djebbour (or Ghezzal)

Good luck to our team. One Two Three, Viva l’Algerie

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10 thoughts on “Algeria vs. Slovenia, the key game

    • Very disappointing indeed, and not deserved at all. The Fennecs could and should have won the game had they not been too cautious/cringing. The whole team played well and it was good to see the key players back on the pitch, but the attacks lacked the pace and Djebbour alone couldn’t do anything.
      Then Ghezzal’s stupid red, and Chaouchi’s mistake (almost as stupid as Green’s yesterday) made it for the Slovenians.
      It will be tough against England and the USA but you never know, miracles do happen (they zoomed on an Algerian supporter who I guessed was saying wa3lash ya Rabbi?!). And another supporter climbed up the floodlights of the stadium (depicted here by Yooppi!), while the South African policemen stayed below waiting for him to come down lol

  1. We need a miracle now in order to qualify (for the next few days I will pretend I still believe in miracles). Chaouchi isn’t immune to making mistakes but Ghezzal’s stupid moves were unacceptable (to add to his stupid haircut). I’m sure he was desperate to prove he deserves to be there, so much so that he lost his senses on the pitch. I agree that Algerian players outperformed their Slovenian counterparts especially in the first half but something happened and they weren’t as good in the second half, may be they got tired or Saadane’s instructions were behind it. I need to mention that I noticed after watching a few games for the EN that Saadane is rarely proactive in making changes according to what a particular game dictates on the day, he is scared of taking risks perhaps and tends to only react after a goal is scored against us. Main thing as always is: we don’t have good strikers. We find it really hard to score and I don’t see how this could change in the next couple of games.

    But who cares, egypt doesn’t get to play in the WC. That’s enough to make me happy.

    • Welcome back My 2p.

      You are right, the Algerians played more in their side of the pitch starting from the second half, exactly like during the CAN. So I don’t know if it’s because of Saadane’s instructions or perhaps the Algerian players (even if brought up abroad) are always tired after 45 minutes.

      For Ghezzal, I say good riddance, at least we won’t see him against England.

      • what I fear now is a humilaiting defeat by England. I never thought that we had what it takes to go through to the knockout stages, but what I was/am hoping for is a good performance…

        As for getting tired after 45 minutes, it is in the genes

        “Algeria’s citizens are the second most likely in the world to report feeling tired on the previous day, and the fourth most likely to report having been in pain.*
        * Data taken from the Gallup World Poll

  2. lol@ the poll. I am sure the people they questioned have lied; you know we don’t like to brag about our wellbeing 🙂

    Snow is expected on the England/Algeria game day so I am sure it is going to be fun. It’s funny how people expect Algeria to qualify, and many had a go at Saadane when he declared that we’re there to learn and prepare for 2014. Same as you Pandora, I only hope they will play well and “yansahibou bi sharaf” 🙂

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