Last warm-up match today against UAE

Our national football team is playing against the UAE team in Fürth, north of Nuremberg (Germany) this afternoon at 17:00 Algerian local time. The familiar and popular stars of the Fennecs such as Bougherra, Yahya and Matmour will be back on the pitch for this match and this will be the last chance for coach Saâdane to test the team before the World Cup kick-off which will be next week. More info and comments on the event can be found here. Apparently, Mbolhi will take (our national hero) Chaouchi‘s position at the goals and Mansouri will still play in midfield (next to Lahcen) despite his comical performance in the previous match against Ireland. Check out this superb shot by Mansouri (at around 3:50 minutes into the video), for a minute there, I thought it was David Beckham playing for us! It’s a miracle he missed the goals with a shot like that and the (irritating) commentator seems to have found it excellent too! (moumtaza men Yazid Mansouri! he screamed!). The video below summarizes the highlights of the previous match against Ireland:

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4 thoughts on “Last warm-up match today against UAE

  1. lately i am not really happy about the way the algerian national team are playing , honestly i think they are not ready at all and hopefully they won’t lose with a big margin .

  2. I hope the team will win today’s game. Not only to save their pride, and Nif (it’s UAE for God’s sake), but also so they face Slovenia with high morals. But in case we lose, I’d say noooormaaal, Algeria’s a big country and we just saw big countries such as France and Italy losing in the past days 🙂

  3. Well I see that unlike alger-roi, you are upbeat MnarviDZ. The EN has won the match with a penalty by Ziani. Not the type of win I had hoped for, but it was much needed for the team’s psychological fitness.

    Allah testor fel mondial! I still believe they may yet surprise us – their greatest strength which is also a weakness is that they’re so unpredictable. Like in the CAN, they played so rubbish aggainst Malawi and then really well againt Ivory Coast!

    Who knows what the future holds!

    • Let’s say the team played better than against Ireland. They attacked more and defended less, but the created (and normal) fragility in the defence wasn’t concealed by an efficient attack.
      Ziani and Halliche were good, and Belhadj was more concentrated after his wedding. The forwards are what worries me more, unless Saadane plans to play in our half during the WC.

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