Video: The crab revolution

The world has reacted in different ways after the Israeli raid on the Freedom Flotilla and the killing of nine Turkish activists. As expected, the USA have sided with Israel and did their best to block any strong condemnation of the pirate state by the Security Council. Europe reacted in the usual mild manner regretting the deaths and calling for an “open and independent” investigation.

On the other hand, Turkey (and Lebanon) forced the Security Council to gather in an emergency meeting right after the attack, and Erdogan declared that Turkish/Israeli relationship has been irreparably damaged. Kuwait decided to pull out of the Arab Peace Initiative, and Egypt’s Mubarak decided to open Rafah crossing with no defined closing date. I could have added the news of Abbas planning to visit Gaza, but he apparently denied it.

So will this bloody attack force us Arabs and Muslims to react, or will these small positive reactions (regardless of their motives) fade away with time? Will we use it as an opportunity to change ourselves, or will it just be another missed opportunity? Compare to the crabs in the above video and tell whether or not the similarity in the two words (Arab and Crab) implies other similarities in the populations’ behaviours.

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4 thoughts on “Video: The crab revolution

  1. I absolutely love this video MnarviDZ and I think it is full of insight not only with regards to the Arab people’s condition but humanity’s in general.

    As for your questions, I think this will be another missed opportunity, nobody changes themselves by themselves (or very very few do). People need leadership, role models etc. and we just don’t have any that are alive amongst us. Those who are dead are not immortalized enough through our educational systems, cultural dynamics, historical narratives and political discourse.

    So bye bye opportunity! Go and join your lost sisters in the back seats of history.

    • The video is indeed very interesting. And I agree with your answer algerianna, I just thought some commentator would surprise me with some positive thinking theory…

  2. There will always be missed opportunities, and the reason for this state is simple to understand.
    Others act, us react.. but verbally.
    It is well documented that if you can manage to push people to react it means you can control them.
    Muslims in general, are stuck in this position like a the Crab in the above animation.
    Outrage, flag burning ceremonies and condemnations will always follow an event and then return to watch TV for another one!

    But there is hope, and it start to emerge when we put humanity above religion or ethnicity, and realise that we too are using the double standard when it comes to human suffering.


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