The “beacon of the Middle East” butchers international peace activits

The entire world has now heard of Israel’s latest exploit in despicable barbarity and state sponsored terrorism. Algeria was one of the countries which contributed to the Peace Flotilla and a list of the Algerian delegation may be found here. There were unconfirmed rumours about a couple of Algerian victims, but some newspapers talk about Algerian detainees (see here and here) and Echourouk talks about IDF soldiers assaulting one of their photographers and confiscating his camera. However, most of the victims appear to have been from Turkish origin. As to the Algerian press reaction, it is that of total condemnation and anger as this selection of headlines shows:

Editorial by El Watan: (Israeli savagery)

Sauvagerie israélienne

[El Watan] (Massacre of civilians in high waters: Israel enjoys total impunity)

Massacre de civils en haute mer : Israël en toute impunité

Editorial by L’Expression: (The world finds itself with its back against the wall)

Le monde dos au mur

[L’Expression]: ((Israel’s) Impunity continues)

L’impunité continue

And last but not least, a couple of articles from El Khabar:

جريمة حرب وقرصنة منظمة في المياه الدولية

سفن ”أسطول الحرية” تشهد آخر المجازر الإسرائيلية

There are also the usual chants of ‘freedom’ and ‘honor’ slogans as well as calls for international or at least pan-Arab boycotts of Israeli goods and services as well as suspending all diplomatic ties. And of course, the Algerian press couldn’t resist an easy peasy dig at Egypt for being Israel’s collaborator number 1 in the Middle East. Even Algerian revolution icon Djamila Bouhired got another 5 minutes of fame on the occasion by declaring that:

أنا إرهابية ونص و25 .. وأمنيتي الاستشهاد في فلسطين

As to the international press reaction to this savagery that is typical of Zionist Israel, The Telegraph offers a good summary of it. It is astounding that Israel seems to be able to get away with anything. Just in the past year, it has humiliated the US twice over the settlements expansion question when Netanyahu ignored President Obama’s and Hilary Clinton’s requests and publically stated that the settlements will continue expanding as planned within the West Bank. Even (some) the Western media are hesitant to condemn this savage act as it deserves to be condemned and are instead tentatively calling for an ‘independent investigation’ into what really happened. Sixty two years and counting! When will the world wake up to Israel’s true face? Actually, I am not sure if they don’t know it already, but the Israeli lobby works in not so mysterious but definitely persuasive ways (here is a good analysis on the topic). And anyway, the real and embarrassing problem is the Arab world’s division over the Israel issue and not the international community’s continued oblivion.

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7 thoughts on “The “beacon of the Middle East” butchers international peace activits

  1. Excellent round up, Egypt is now sadly the country of a million belly dancers, as opposed to Algeria the country of a million martyrs. I was surprised to hear of so many Algerian MP’s and the level of support from Algeria, more out of ignorance than anything, and I have immense respect for the position they’ve taken.

    • Thanks Maysaloon. Yes Egypt and Jordan are two of the major stumbling blocks in the Palestinian path to liberation or at least complete autonomy. The Gulf countries also share a lot of the responsibility on top of the Palestinian political elite’s share of course. I am not sure if a regime change in Egypt will occur any time soon and even if it does happen, who knows what their position with regards to Palestine will be. After all, Egypt is very poor and becoming enemies with Israel means starvation in the case of Egypt.

      Algeria does not have any diplomatic ties with Israel and never has had any, but we are a rich country and we have loads of hydrocarbons so we can do so without much discomfort although it is costing us a lot as a country nonetheless.

      But coming back to the flotilla raid, Israel has already come up with a ridiculous melodramatic scenario of ‘self-defense’ as always. This is a typical comment from one of the zillion Zionist supporters who are raiding all news sites for propaganda purposes as we speak:

      The Israeli’s were armed with paintball guns and sidearm pistols. People need to stop exaggerating this situation into claiming that Israel boarded the ship with deliberate intentions to kill the “peace activists.” The “peace activists” wanted maximum media coverage and they got it.

      And the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs released video footage earlier which it claimed shows that the peace activists were the one to initiate the attack on the commandos. Strangely, the video has now been removed. But here’s a BBC account.

  2. You know there are some who say the situation in Egypt today is similar to that which was in Iran before the toppling of the Shah. In fact one article on Haaretz actually hoped that Mubarak would live longer and made that very same analogy!

    As for the flotilla story, I think that’s all aftershock now. Videos, slick media groups mobilizing, khalas. This time next week I’d be very surprised if more comes of this. Israel has people who it mobilizes to take care of this stuff and deal with. They’ll handle all the slack and rotten tomatoes being chucked at it but the state itself will carry on, business as usual. And the “independent” tribunal it will carry out will be another proof they will use that Israel is a state under the “Rule of Law” like they do today with the Sabra Shatilla tribunal they did in the eighties.

    PS. I can’t believe you link to Elaph, isn’t that site as sleazy as they get?

    • PS. I can’t believe you link to Elaph, isn’t that site as sleazy as they get?

      It is yes and what I like most about it is that the headlines never quite match the content of the articles! I find it quite entertaining.

  3. And anyway, the real and embarrassing problem is the Arab world’s division over the Israel issue […]

    Not only the Arabs are divided and careless, but they don’t want anybody else to act. I am already hearing some Arab voices saying the Turks are not sincere and that “we” should not trust them. Another reason for being careful would be the fact that a majority of the Turks who were in the boats are members of organisations close to the AKP, “the dangerous Islamist party”.

    The same applies to Algeria, as all non-journalist activists (all have been released apparently and already back home, with only one injured) belong to the Islamist movements (MSP, Ennahda or Islah). And I have read many articles in the Algerian press accusing them of not being sincere or of stealing the Algerian donations instead of giving them to the Palestinians. This was of course before the Israeli attack. Now everybody seems to have forgotten their partisan divisions, since all the Algerian parties share the same opinion about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

    • MnarviDZ,
      I mean what the heck do these people want?!?! Watch out, Iran is trying to turn the Arabs into Shi’ism, or make a new Persian empire, why? Because it resists America, Britain and Israel as well as the West and because they know who they are. Then we hear Hezbullah, ooh watch out, it was all in collusion with Israel so that Lebanon’s infrastructure can be destroyed, they are all liars. Then we hear Hamas, oh they resist Israel, but they are stopping people from drinking alcohol, surfing pornography or doing drugs. They also force women there to wear hejabs, that won’t do at all!! Plus they are fighting Israel! Look what the result is, they say, the Gazans are suffering.

      Now the same story for these people on boats. There must be some ulterior motive. I say yes, there is an ulterior motive, it is to eradicate from existence lazy, submissive and collaborative Arabs and Muslims who have brought nothing but occupation and humiliation upon our heads. Ufff on them!

      Sorry, I needed to let that out 🙂

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