Dahmane El Harrachi

Dahmane El Harrachi

One cannot talk of Algerian Chaabi without mentioning him. Abderrahmane Amrani (aka Dahmane El Harrachi) is one of the most important Algerian singers and is the founder of his own style within Chaabi music. His simple music is entertaining and well suited for carrying the wise words which compose his lyrics. He sings about life and morals, and every song conveys a message to his audience, and that’s why I like him most.
A car accident unfortunately took him from us in 1980, but his memory and work are still present among all the Algerian generations, and his popularity is as big as ever. His son Kamel El Harrachi took over his heritage and is a very good Chaabi singer; we could even mistake him for his father (physically speaking) had he not lacked Dahmane’s special voice.

There is not a single song of Dahmane’s which I don’t like and it’s hard to mention only a few here, so I will just list some of the most famous: Ya rayah sung (and butchered) by Rachid Taha, Zoudj hmamate, Bahdja Bidha, Khabbi sarrek, and many more.


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