El Hadj Abderrahmane

Inspecteur Tahar

He is my favorite Algerian artist, I have watched all his movies and I loved them all: funny, so authentically Algerian and not devoid of astute messages (moral or political). The great thing about this actor, like most Algerian comedy stars, is that each time you see him perform, you laugh even if you can anticipate every word and every move. Well, I do anyway but that may be because I love him. Hadj Abderrahmane (born in 1941 in Télemly, Algiers, Algeria — died Octobre 5th, 1981, Paris, France) was famously known as l’Inspecteur Tahar, the character he created and illustrated in the theatre, TV and the cinema. He was originally from Taher (a province in Jijel), where he derived inspiration for the accent of l’Inspecteur Tahar which was probably the innovation which earned him tremendous popularity. Here are some ‘Best Of’ video compilations of his movies:

Video 2
Video 3


Le Chat [1978]
L’Inspecteur Marque le But [1977]
Les Vacances de l’Inspecteur Tahar [1975]
La Souris [1968]
L’Inspecteur Mène l’Enquête [1967]
La Poursuite

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