Question: what would Algeria need to focus on in order to attain global presence?

There is a huge amount of books and works which have been published throughout the centuries on geopolitics and the rise and fall of world powers (the most recent example is perhaps the antagonism which tainted the USA and former USSR relations in the previous century). Currently, the world’s geopolitical scene is markedly different. For decades, and ever since the demise of the USSR after a raging Cold War which unfolded to the advantage of the USA, America has become the only supreme power in the world. This situation has led many to reshuffle their packs of cards and rethink their political strategies: the USA wasn’t only mighty (militarily), but they were also captivating in the sense that they presented a new development model to the entire world, based on scientific and technological progress and a very refreshing do-it-yourself ethos (in marked contrast with socialist Europe). Anything was possible in America (the American Dream).

In this modern context, and relative to how modern countries have evolved (the mistakes they committed and the innovations they implemented), I would like to ask the following question:

What would a country such as ours need to focus on in order to attain global presence?

I realize that it is a complex question, but perhaps if we consider the elements of strength and weaknesses of the USA and the EU for example, we could identify some factors which are crucial to shaping modern geopolitical landscapes.

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7 thoughts on “Question: what would Algeria need to focus on in order to attain global presence?

  1. Algeria has huge potential, but not by itself, it can for one thing begin to improve relations with its neighbours, create rail networks across the vast open spaces which link the Saharan countries and have a transport system that can safely and quickly transport goods from across Africa to the markets of Europe and beyond. Devise a royalty system which pays out for each country and establish a “Saharan” commonwealth of trade and culture.

    Secondly Algeria can try to unify elements within its countries by uniting various elements within the nation according to what they need to be. Religion to unite where ethnicity divides, nationalism to unite where religion divides and humanity to unite rich with the poor. Apply the the three way solution as and when needed.

    Thirdly connect Algeria again with Arab and Muslim countries of the East. Student exchanges, cultural programmes, awareness. Many of us in the Middle East know little of Algerian culture and have gross misconceptions, the Algerian dialect is a mystery to us for example!

    I don’t know what else to recommend, these are just humble recommendations from a non-Algerian.

    • You make some interesting suggestions Maysaloon, thanks for contributing. I agree with you that the time of big and super powers is gone, today countries are much smaller in size and if we consider the Arabo-Muslim world, most countries are medium sized and the only way to have influence is to collaborate via supranational frameworks. But I agree with MnarviDZ when he says that this option is very unlikely to succeed given the unfavorable environment and cultural/ political backgrounds which exist in the Arabo-Muslim world today. I mean, even a common enemy hasn’t managed to unite these countries, I don’t see what else could!

      Perhaps this is why we see some countries such as Morocco for example entertaining ambitions to one day join the EU! Turkey has already managed to do so. I wonder how Turkey will evolve in future, it is already starting to have increasing presence in the Middle-Eastern political scene for example.

      I wonder if one day Iran will be admitted into the EU.

  2. Your question comes a bit late algerianna. We’ve already achieved global and intergalactic presence after Bouteflika came back to power, fixed many international issues, saved Africa, and helped qualify our football NT qualify for 2010 WC.

    Maysaloon mentioned some interesting points, but they’re time/energy consuming and imply we would have to rely on the Arab, African and Muslim states. An easier and faster way would be for Algeria to stop ignoring Israel and become best friends.

  3. In my opinion, one of the main point for any nation for it to attain progress and world presence is not by its wealth and technological advances, but simply by its sense of fairness, tolerance towards others sand best manners.
    These are human values and the lack of them make it impossible to progress.

    Many argue that this can be achieved through education.
    In our case, we all know the seriousness of this issue and that our mix and match education
    doesn’t help really, considering that those who are in charge of primary education are people who failed in their studies!!..

    I’m not a pessimist, and I believe there is a hope and the existence of such Blog and many others only shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Success can be achieved by listening to others opinions and arguments, and instead of trying to look for disagreement, let us look for what we have in common and build on that.

    Best regards

    • Ah yes education, it’s usually the first answer which comes to mind when such questions are considered isn’t it? I agree with you that human capital is something Algeria needs to urgently focus on, but not only through education in the narrow sense it has become understood (i.e. going through the national education curricula, getting a university degree then a job). I think that in a paradoxical way, the focus on ‘educating’ as many people as possible has backfired and given rise to a mass of not properly educated people.

      Algeria has lost a great deal of control over its education policy ever since it got itself in a situation where international organizations such as the UN, IMF and the lot started interfering in its internal affairs in a really intrusive way as a consequence of the terrorism years.

      Our education system was reasonably good (this is a good thing former-communist countries share), it did produce competent people. Of course, it needed to evolve with the times and the growing population but it failed to do so and worse, when it started trying, it completely ruined what good aspects it had to start with.

      But in my view, education on its own won’t be enough now. It’s too late and we haven’t produced enough good teachers to take over + those few good ones we had are either completely demotivated or have left the country. Perhaps focusing on primary schools only and establishing a system of evaluating kids’ IQ and aptitudes at an early age to then divide them on the basis of merit where the best of the best will be particularly taken care of in ultra modern primary schools with the best teachers and all they need would be a good thing to establish. But it will take years before these kids grow up and become large enough in numbers. And then we’d have to ensure they don’t simply leave the country when they do grow up which means we need to focus on improving other things in the country in order to keep this talented human capital.

      What sort of things would be critical to focus on in order to keep the talented human capital that we could create in a few years by focusing only on the kids?

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