FIFA’s verdict against Egypt for pelting Algerian football team bus

Here’s the official statement which was made public on May 18th (emphasis added):

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee, chaired by Marcel Mathier, decided today, 18 May, in Zurich to impose a ban on the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) whereby the “A” representative team of Egypt will play the first two home matches of the preliminary competition for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ at a location at least 100 kilometres away from Cairo.

In addition, the EFA will have to pay a fine of CHF 100,000. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee took this decision after determining that the EFA had failed to take all the necessary security precautions to ensure the safety of the Algerian delegation, as well as security and order in the Cairo International Stadium for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ qualifier between Egypt and Algeria held on 14 November 2009.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee noted in particular that the Egyptian FA had not adopted the necessary measures to prevent the assault on the bus of the Algerian delegation on the way from the airport to the hotel on 12 November 2009. In addition, the bus windows were smashed and four members of the Algerian delegation, including three players, were injured.

It was equally noted that security and order in the stadium were not guaranteed, as an excessive number of spectators were granted access to the stadium and the entrances and stairways were obstructed.

Furthermore, at the end of the match, the bus of the Algerian delegation was detained for over 45 minutes.

With regard to the play-off match between Algeria and Egypt held in Sudan on 18 November 2009, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee determined that the conditions for opening disciplinary proceedings had not been met and therefore decided to close this matter.

We don’t care what punishment the EFA gets, the most important thing is that their lies have been exposed and proven and the most hilarious thing is that they are now furious that Zaher has had to admit that they have been lying all along. Goodness gracious! The entire Egyptian media arsenal has been mobilized to spout a stream of stupid and shameless lies for nearly a year (including the innane allegation that our injured football players had splattered their faces with ketchup and tomatoe sauce to feign injury!) and all because of a football competition. I take this opportunity to say that a tomatoe sauce mask is very beneficial for the skin and that may be why our football players seem to have fresher complexions than their Egyptian opponents. Unbelievable, but funny all the same! Here’s an article with the historic of the events and some hundred comments about the affair.

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4 thoughts on “FIFA’s verdict against Egypt for pelting Algerian football team bus

  1. You’re right MnarviDZ! I am starting to understand why Mubarak has allowed the arsenal of ‘independent’ telly channels to mushroom all over Egyptian skies and also why Egyptians seemed to take what our dear little Echourouk says so seriously when we in Algeria were just having a big laugh about it all and feeling astounded at the Egyptian hysteria.

    They blew it when they pelted the bus and blamed it on our delegation however. This is where the whole thing turned ugly and we Algerians went mad at them.

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