A nice poem from the Age of Darkness

This has always been one of my favourite poems. It is one of the famous poems which were hung on the walls of the Kaaba because of their mastery of the Arabic language and beauty. This one was composed by the poet Zuhair Bnu Abi-Sulma (زهير بن أبي سلمى). This is why I like poetry, especially the kind that describes ideals and is packed with wisdom. The nice thing about this excerpt (the actual poem is longer) is that it can be easily understood without needing to resort to a dictionary (like it would be the case with other poems from the Jahiliya times). I guess there is no point in translating, because the awsomeness of the poem is in its actual word composition and rhyme, but it speaks about life and death, appearance and essence and some qualities like generosity, patience, perception and understanding the other. I offer this poem to all Algerians and I say to them, listen to this old man speaking to you through the centuries and the depths of the Earth.

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About algerianna

I enjoy writing, well communicating to be more precise as writing is somewhat a solitary activity. I tend to think that life is beautiful and interesting but people tend to over-complicate it. I like thinking about people and societies (netfelssaf like we say in Algerian). Apart from that, am relatively begnin.

3 thoughts on “A nice poem from the Age of Darkness

  1. Nice, here is a small poem from another period (Omeyyads) by Muawiya Ibn Abi Sufian who was famous for his political skills:

    إذا أنا أعطيتُ القليلَ شكوتُمُ **** وإنْ أنا أعطيتُ الكثيرَ فَلا شكْرُ
    ومَا لمْتُ نَفْسي في قضَاءِ حقوقكمْ **** وقَد كانَ لي فيما اعتذرتُ به عُذْرُ
    وأَمْنَحُكُمْ مالي، وتُكْفَرُ نِعْمَتِي **** وتَشتُمُ عِرْضي في مجالسها فِهْرُ
    إذا العذرُ لم يُقبَلْ ، ولم يَنفعِ الأسَى **** وضَاقتْ قلوبٌ منهُمُ حَشْوُها الغِمْرُ
    فكيفَ أداوِي داءكُمْ ، ودواؤُكمْ **** يزيدكُم غيّاً ؟ ! فقد عظُمُ الأمْرُ
    سَأَحْرِمُكُمْ حَتّى يَذِلّ صِعَابُكمْ **** وأبلَغُ شَى ْءٍ في صلاحكُمُ الفَقْرُ

    I wonder if Bouteflika thinks the same of his people.

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