Algerian public works’ approach…

In these times of big projects and (inherent?) financial scandals, this old joke is worth sharing:

An Algerian, a French and a Russian (Soviet) civil engineers met at a training and became friends.
One day the French invited the others to show them his project: it was a four-lane highway bridge. He added that the bridge should have been higher but he decided to reduce its height and save some money which he put in his pocket.
The Russian also invited them and showed them a two-lane highway bridge and explained that it originally was a four-lane bridge but he made it two-lane only and the extra money went in his pocket.
The Algerian engineer wanted to impress his friends so he invited them once and showed them a big empty field. He commented that there should have been a four-lane bridge, but that he decided to keep all the money and do nothing.


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