I hereby declare that you are not Muslim anymore!

These are not my words!
This week two men declared many of their Muslim fellows were not Muslim anymore.

One of them is a Saudi scholar, Sheikh Al Barrak, who followed a certain logic to eventually reach the conclusion that whoever denies that men/women mixing is religiously illegal (haram) must be considered as an apostate and should be killed. This topic is a serious and complex jurisprudence matter, and specialists disagree over it; so I won’t discuss it here. As we know the vocabulary is important, so the full text in the original language can be found on his web site.

The second case has nothing to do with the first one despite them being grouped in this post.

The second man is new to the Islamic jurisprudence. He probably ignores a lot in this field but his ignorance didn’t prevent him from declaring the apostasy of many Muslims. Thank God he didn’t call for their killing. This man is the Libyan president Mouammar Gaddafi. In the video below he declares djihad on Switzerland and says that any Muslim who doesn’t boycott this country is an enemy of Allah.
The Libyan/Swiss relations faced a first crisis in 2008 when the Swiss police jailed the Colonel’s son (Hannibal) for two days. At that time, Gaddafi decided to remove all his money from the Swiss banks, and the Swiss authorities had no choice but to apologize. More recently, the Swiss government decided to deny the visa for many Libyan citizens (leaders). This angered the Colonel who retaliated with a visa ban for all the European citizens. At that point, the European Union tried to fix things as it seems nobody wants to anger Gaddafi, and Algeria said it supported Libya in its “battle”.
But now, he took the opportunity of Almawlid, and used the excuses of the recent Swiss referendum, to declare djihad on Switzerland. I wonder who would follow him there!

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6 thoughts on “I hereby declare that you are not Muslim anymore!

  1. I may be one of the few people who enjoy listening to his short speeches-the short ones tend to have a high dose of nonsense. These speeches have and continue to give me great moments of laughter. The absurdity of this man is only matched by the stupidity it takes to publicly declare it. This king of kings will certainly be missed when he is unseated from the throne-one day.

    The upcoming Arab summit in Tripoli promises to be a great comedy show. Not to be missed!

    • Welcome Pandora.
      We say that “elhamm elli maybekkish ydahhak”. He gives me some good moments of laughter too, but only when I decide to forget that he “leads” his country for so many years, and that his other Arab “colleagues” are not less stupid.

      Yeah I agree on the Arab summit. Apparently he didn’t invite Abbas, and Lebanon doesn’t want to come 🙂

      Long live Gaddafi!

  2. Pandora and ManrviDZ, how dare you speak of the Colonel in such light tones!!! Shame on you!

    I think you nailed it ManrviDZ, he had a go at Switzerland because it had a go at his son! And what more efficient way to have a go at anybody than to shout Islamic stuff at them!

    Et voilà!

    • In this poll by Euronews, the TV news channel showed first a short video of Gaddafi declaring djihad on the Swiss and then leading the Djumua prayer. Great association.
      Reminds me of the secularist-Baathist Saddam who became a fervent defender of the Islamic nation when he felt the end was getting close.

      Politicians are great…

      • Yes MnarviDZ, you reminded me of a curious thing Saddam used to do in the first Gulf war. I remember him being shown on telly doing prayer in his military gear. I was very young at the time but it struck me as a bit odd. Instinctively, I felt there was something not quite right in those images.

        Now we see even footballers at it! Prostrating on the pitch in their soiled footie gear and drowned in sweat.

        Umm, interesting.

        • I remember many Algerians supported Saddam even more after they saw him praying in Kuwait. You know he brought back Islam to the infidel Kuwait who was an American puppet (just like all the Gulf states).

          And no comment on the masquerade of mountakhab raqqassat.

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