Two coincidences

Today I was watching a TV news program and the journalist was talking about the recent Israeli fiasco. So he said that Israel’s embarrassed after Dubai police unveiled the faces of the presumed killers of Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, and that the UK, Ireland and France are so angry at their Israeli ally because the killers have used forged passports of these European countries.

But all the journalist insisted on was actually the amateurism of Israel’s agents. He indeed forgot to comment on the assassination itself, that it was perpetrated in an independent country which is one of the few publicly admitted Arab friends of Israel, and that it probably reduced even more the dialogue (not even thinking of peace) chances between Israel and Hamas people in Gaza. He also didn’t say that Israel’s agents have always used British and other European passports in their missions (c.f. Gordon Thomas‘s book) without any serious complaint from the “victim” states.

Then came the first coincidence I wanted to talk about here. After the journalist finished his analysis, another one took his place and started talking about a cultural event: the Berlin International Film Festival and the new “Jew suss” movie. The journalist quickly switched to the first 1940 film and started telling us about how the Jews suffered under the Nazi regime and about the Holocaust.

So after the first topic, I was thinking these Israeli agents are so ugly and dangerous, and that it wasn’t a respectable and civilised behaviour for a democratic state. But the second topic pushed all these negative ideas aside and called for my compassion for the Jews who suffered before the end of WWII. And we know how many people play on this suffering to justify what’s happening today in Palestine.

It may have been just a coincidence, but I know that the news ordering and durations are always carefully studied in the editing teams. Thomas’s book also mentions some interesting examples of the Mossad’s relations with the press. So I admit I had to think twice, and I even decided to write this post.

As to the second coincidence, it was brought to my attention by a friend. Apparently a Twitter message published by an account in the Israeli Embassy in the UK read “You heard it here first: Israeli tennis player carries out hit on Dubai target.” The message was about the Israeli tennis woman who made it to the Dubai Championships semi-finals. And this is an interesting coincidence as security cameras showed some of the killers disguised as tennis players, which gives a totally different meaning to the message.

Anyway, Dubai police says it is 99% sure that Israel is behind the murder of Al-Mabhouh and that it wants to arrest Mossad’s director Meir Dagan. But so far, it only arrested some Palestinian suspects who, according to Hamas, are Fatah men. And Interpol issued arrest orders against the people identified by the Emirate’s police.
On their side, the European states summoned the Israeli representatives in their countries, but the latter declared that they had nothing to… declare. Israel says there is nothing linking its services to the murder in Dubai and so there’s nothing to be worried about.

I guess Israel’s right. Things will calm down, nobody will be arrested, and after all… it’s just one more Palestinian dead.

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2 thoughts on “Two coincidences

  1. Yes, Israel is right yet again. It will be business as usual on the Israeli-Arab front in less than a jiffy!!!

    On the other hand, you can imagine the condemnation and outrage that will follow the injury of a garden gnome sitting peacefully in an Israeli garden in peaceful and civilised Sderot which would result from a Hamas-rocket fired by blood-thirsty terrorists.

    Palestinians, it seems, have a real problem with civilisation, democracy and peace symbols such as (Israeli) garden gnomes on open display in Sderot. Let us not forget that a garden gnome is still private property, the respect of which is the epitome of civilisation.

    • Not only I can imagine this condemnation, but I second it: injuring garden gnomes using Hamas’s WMD is probably the only real violation of human (and garden gnome) rights in the region.
      Only civilised people can understand this.

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