Algerian handball national teams are playing in Egypt

Yes, it’s the truth and things are going quite well for them.

Remember when after the 13 to 18 November events (using this terminology gives them a kind of importance) between Egypt and Algeria, the former decided to withdraw from organising the African handball championship if Algeria was to participate. Algerians on their side not only confirmed their participation but also proposed to host the competition in case the Egyptians were serious about their threats.
Now (even before actually) we know it was only talks and Cairo is hosting the 19th African handball championship.

So both males and females national teams are competing in Egypt. Things didn’t start well for our very young girls as they were defeated twice (reminding me of our football NT against Malawi) whereas the men confirmed their African rank and easily won all their games. But the girls reacted positively and made us forget the first games.

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Today both teams are qualified for the semi-finals after beating the very dangerous Angolan men (26-19) and the Congolese girls (27-26). Both teams will play their next games against their Tunisian counterparts: the girls in the semi-final, and the boys in the last groups-round match.

As usual, there were some issues around this event like the Algerian delegation using an Egyptair flight instead of Air Algerie, the Algerian delegation being tightly “protected” by the Egyptian police until Bouteflika asked the Egyptian government to remove any special precautions, and of course the problems with NesmaTV who acquired the CAN television rights making it impossible for the ENTV to broadcast them.

Anyway, this was a short post for the sake of fairness (these teams deserve as equal consideration as the football one) and because I like handball almost as much as football. Good luck to our teams in the upcoming games; and who knows, a qualification for the WC is possible. Rana djayine ya Mandela (I know it won’t be in South Africa).

One Two Three, Viva l’Algerie

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2 thoughts on “Algerian handball national teams are playing in Egypt

  1. I have been realising over the past few years that I get startled whenever I see such phrases as ‘get qualified for the WC’. I think the World Cup deserves another less unfortunate acronym. Simple!

    • Hehe, maybe you should start a petition?

      An update on the competition:
      Both Algerian teams lost their semi-finals matches. The women stood no chance against the Tunisians, but the men could’ve won against the Egyptians (yes them again).

      Hard luck Algeria (I learnt this only recently from Egyptian journalists!)

      New update:
      Algerian men ranked 3rd and qualified for the world cup, but the women lost their game and ranked 4th so they will have to try another time for the WC.
      Tunisian’s men won against Egypt and became the African champions for the 8th time.

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