Make love, not war!

Today is what is known as  Saint Valentine’s day in the Western culture and also in the Muslim world for that matter. The Western press has been buzzing with a general and intoxicating feeling of love and affection, whilst the Arab press is torn over more profoundly existential questions such as what the word love really means and whether it needs to be allocated a special day to be celebrated? Some others have raised the concern that this celebration might well be, indeed definitely is haram in Islam. Many observe that it is a profitable commercial occasion to boost local economies, and help oppressed people forget about tragedies such as war, albeit temporarily. Even the religious websites such as are buzzing with love-themed fatwas’. I am however quite proud of our local press which yet again, has dealt with this crisis in the same cool-headed and composed manner it has dealt with the Egyptian crisis over the football match. Even our favourite rag, Echourouk, has not got swayed by the general romantic feeling that is engulfing the globe as we speak. Instead of talking non sense as it usually does about less urgent matters, Echourouk takes love seriously indeed and has decided to mark Saint Valentine’s with one of best articles I have read in a long time from a purely journalistic perspective:

نجوم الخضر المحترفون متزوجون وهم في العشرينات من العمر

بينما اللاعبون المحليون مازالوا عزّبا ما بعد الثلاثين

This is an ingenious article which addresses with a typical algerian subtlty the problem of love in Algeria, brings to attention the many socio-economic barriers which prevent the fullfilment of this noble feeling and reminds us that love flourishes in other shores where no such barriers exist! All wrapped up in a football themed package! A definite winner.

(I am painfully aware how shallow and superficial this post is compared to MnarviDZ’s more meaty posts, but I am confident it will all be forgiven on account of me being a silly woman. Thank you, thank you.)

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4 thoughts on “Make love, not war!

  1. algerianna my friend, this is a topic fi Samim!

    Echourouk’s article is indeed well done (if only they didn’t lie again as Saifi’s a married dad). The fact our local players don’t marry at a young age means the problem is not only with housing and jobs as we always hear. May be comments 10, 12 and 47 have the explanation?

    Anyway, happy 3id el hab woman, and say with me Amen to comment 5 🙂

    • Thanks MnarviDZ and happy 3id el hObb to you too!

      In my opinion, comment number 1 is the number 1 shaklan wa madmounan as far as analyzing the underlying issues of this article go!!

      As for comment number 5, Amen to that (with reservations about that ‘ga3’, because some really don’t deserve to get married). He repeated it several times throughout that commentator lol. He’s only 19 !!!

  2. Just read the articles on Elaph. I confirmed my opinion about this site being as funny as Echourouk.

    I liked “وعلى الرغم من الظروف السياسيّة والاقتصادية الصعبة، غير ان عددًا لا بأس به من الناس لا يعيرون تلك الاوضاع اي اهتمام ويصرون على الاحتفال بعيد الحب وغيره من المناسبات معتبرين ان لكل شيء وقته”. They should give lectures on time sharing methods!

    What happens in Saudi Kharabiya is tbahdila, and they say “السعودية، التي تعتبر منارة العالم الإسلامي”?!

  3. Oh yes, well spotted MnarviDZ. If you want the Arab equivalent of our dear Echourouk, Elaph gets my vote! There are many more, but the good thing about Elaph is that they provide a kind of amalgam from many Arab news sources. They’re based in London I think, which means they should be less restricted (doesn’tseem to impact on the quality of their stuff though unfortunately).

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