Thank you Mali… and sorry mates

Algeria just qualified for the quarterfinals of the CAN after their tie (0-0) with Angola, and Mali’s victory over Malawi (3-1).

The first half was quite good with both teams playing seriously, and each one had a very good opportunity to score. But the second leg seemed more like a training session. It was like both teams decided to let go after they knew of the other game’s score. I have to say that I didn’t like it and felt kind of uneasy, esp. during the last ten minutes.
Sorry for Mali who “helped” us qualify and good luck to them in the future.

The Algerian team didn’t play well in the first round, scoring only one goal and receiving three Malawian goals. The three games proved our lack of coherence among other things. They also showed once again that the press and supporters usually have a very short memory. They indeed qualified Saadane of the worst adjectives after having called him Cheikh Saadane, and the players suddenly became the worst ever after having been our heroes and… martyrs.

Anyway, now we have to prepare for our next game on Jan. 24 against either Ivory Coast or Burkina Faso. I am suspecting we’d get the former ones, but we will know tomorrow for sure.
Hope the injured players will feel better and Saadane and his staff will come up with a plan to improve the team’s performances.

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2 thoughts on “Thank you Mali… and sorry mates

  1. I quite liked the way we got through to the second round: typically algerian. We only scored one goal in total, lost againt the team that was considered the weakest of the tournament and still got through!!!!

    So kewwwl!!

    The one against Egypt was a mahzala though.

  2. LOL
    The biggest mahzala is what we read now in many Algerian newspapers. I don’t check Egyptian press so don’t know what they are about but the Algerian newspapers are beyond the smata limits… About time they get to reality.

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