Freedom of religion and speech is ‘un-Islamic’, say scholars

Apparently, if you’re a good Muslim, you should nod your head and shut your mouth (and brain).  Any other way of dealing with current affairs or questions related to religion is ‘American’, ‘Democratic’ and ‘Kufr-like’, which are all definitely un-Islamic things. The irony is, as a ‘practicing Muslim’ as is the fashion in describing oneself nowadays, when I watched these videos, I nodded my head (horizontally) and shut my …erm ears.  Oh dear! Must be a terrible Muslim! On a more serious note, I do think these two ‘scholars’ are making a valid point, but as with so many issues related to the modern age, they are completely confusing and conflating many issues under the ultimate get out clause: ‘God (I) said so. Case closed (shut up and do as I say).‘ The danger is not these views or that such people are allowed to preach them to people as being God’s word. In fact I think everyone must be allowed and made to feel free to express their thoughts, even if they truly believe that they are in fact God’s word. The danger is that such views which aim to always frame things within the narrow prism of ‘you’re either a Muslim or you’re not’ or ‘either you accept that this is God’s word or you don’t’ will always attract the simple people who will then be easily manipulated. I am sure that these two scholars have the best intentions in the world (I have no evidence for this belief. I simply tend to give people the benefit of the doubt), but no other than God can judge intentions. Muslims need to understand this and start focussing on actions rather than appearances, words and imagined ‘intentions’ or even ‘scholarly merit’ (especially when this latter is evaluated solely on the basis of phoney degrees obtained from phoney universities).

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