Independent Arab media expose Egyptian lies

It’s in Arabic and it contains how independent Arab news channels (Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya reacted with regards to Egyptian allegations of ‘bloodbaths’ in Sudan at the hands of Algerian fans following the play-off match against Egypt). The message is: Egyptian media are a bunch of demented liars and they pulled the simple-minded Egyptian masses with them into the whirlpool of hysteria and denial which followed losing the World Cup qualifier game against Algeria. These are reports from official Sudanese sources and independent (i.e. non Egyptian and non Algerian) journalists from Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya who were present in Khartoum on the day. Only two isolated incidents involving Algerian fans stoning busses which were carrying Egyptian supporters to the airport were reported by official sources. The responsibility for this mishap seems to lie firmly on the shoulders of the Egyptian authorities who failed to comply with the instructions of the Sudanese police (Khartoum city was divided into Algerian-only and Egyptian-only roads in order to avoid encounters between the fans). I wonder whether this was intentional from the Egyptian authorities? If so, what could have been their motivation? Or was it simply another glaring illustration of their chronic incompetence and complacency? The Algerian authorities on the other hand were praised and complimented for their organization and efficient collaboration in ensuring that this event runs smoothly. I have to say that for once, I agree: they did well.

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