What are the Egyptian ‘independent’ media playing at?

This is an article by the same Dr El Fiqqi who spoke in the TV programme 10 pm (see here), writing for Al Hayet (a London-based Arabic newspaper). Dr El Fiqqi is member of the ruling political party in Egypt and specializes in foreign relations. The tone of the article is completely different to his bigoted rants in the TV programme. Makes you wonder what the Egyptian self-proclaimed ‘independent’ TV channels are playing at. They have been singing the same anti-Algerian tune for a week now, their viewing figures must have gone through the roof recently as well as their advertising revenues. But what gives it away as a politically orchestrated coup is that even the public, State-funded TV channels are singing the same tune. What does the Mubarak clan really hope to achieve from this? I mean, for a country where people have been beaten up following riots over bread shortages, to tolerate this nonsense which it dresses up as ‘venting-off’ for having lost a football match just seems ludicrous. Many Egyptian voices have been asking when Mubarak ever cared about the dignity of Egyptians inside Egypt, let alone their dignity outside Egypt which he has been fussing about ever since the aftermath of this unfortunate football match. Obviously, these voices are quickly hushed or smothered by outcries and denouncements of lack of patriotism or even treason. Mubarak does not tolerate any ‘venting-off’ unless it suits his political agenda. But what is it this time?

Whoever said that ‘patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel’ was dead right I think. It is pittiful to see how the ordinary, simple masses are manipulated mercilessly by political tyrants via proxies like nationalism, religion and patriotism.

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