Representative of Egyptian expats in Algeria speaks

The video is in Arabic but the message is that everything is back to normal for the Egyptian expats who are working and living in Algeria. Basically, all Egyptian allegations are false, except the attack on some branches of the Egyptian owned mobile network provider Djezzy.  Which were reported by the Algerian media anyway. I am not sure if Egyptian media are doing this on purpose to serve the Mubarak clan or they really believe that Algeria staged a coup against them.

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I enjoy writing, well communicating to be more precise as writing is somewhat a solitary activity. I tend to think that life is beautiful and interesting but people tend to over-complicate it. I like thinking about people and societies (netfelssaf like we say in Algerian). Apart from that, am relatively begnin.

One thought on “Representative of Egyptian expats in Algeria speaks

  1. The woman looks like she is very disappointed that Egyptian expats in Algeria are well and safe! She would have preferred it to be otherwise apparently! What a joke, human nature is so disturbing.

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