Egyptians starting to wonder how to put out the fire they started

Video 1:  in this video, Dr. Mustapha El Fiqqi (the bald man, he is a ‘political analyst and thinker’ according to the presenter of the programme and has occupied the post of ‘Information Secretary’ to President Mubarak between 1985 and 1992 according to Wikipedia) openly accuses all Algerians of having a violent psychological make-up. His proof? Actually, he has two very solid pieces of evidence: the first is that he went to Algeria in 1966 and one Algerian told him that ‘all Egyptians are thieves’ and the second is that Algerians are not very good at providing tourism services as illustrated by his experience in an Algerian hotel where he asked one of the hotel employees to help him carry his suitcase, to which the Algerian replied: ‘Why? Are you sick Sir?’. Obviously, the mother of all proofs is that Algerians made a bloody revolution against the French colonizers. To hammer in his point of view, Dr El  Fiqqi contrasts this poor example of a civilized people that are the Algerians with the glowing example of the Egyptian people, including fanatic football supporters, who are just brilliant, civilized and pacific. Egypt is to the Arab world what America is to the Western world, he asserts. But, unlike the first two assertions, he didn’t have any proof (erm sorry, personal anecdotes) to back this last assertion.

Video 2: in this video, an Egyptian artist calls the programme from Saudi Arabia, where he was on pilgrimage, and spouts all sorts of insults on Algerians (which automatically ruins the brownie points he gets for his pilgrimage as Muslims are not supposed to hurt or upset anything nor anyone during pilgrimage). He is very angry because he is concerned that the defeat of Egyptians in Sudan and their unproven allegations that their supporters were humiliated by their Algerian counterparts might mean that in future, Egyptians will be ill-treated by all other countries in sporting tournaments as they will be perceived as a walk-over; easy to beat and scare off.

Video 3:  in this video, the captain of the Egyptian team (Ahmed Hassan) responds to a phone call where an Egyptian journalist I think says that the whole thing is blown out of proportion by the Egyptian media because after Egypt won in Cairo, the Egyptians took to the streets to celebrate and smashed some cars. Similarly, after they lost in the play-off in Sudan, some Egyptians took to the streets and tried to attack the Algerian embassy in Cairo in protest. But when they were stopped by Egyptian police, they smashed near-by parked cars belonging to Egyptians. Contrast this with the vandalism which took place in Algeria against Egyptian businesses when the Algerian national team was attacked in Cairo and the behavior of some Algerian fans against Egyptians in Sudan after the match and you get the whole picture: nothing out of the ordinary, things that could happen after any football match. To this reasoned point of view, Ahmed Hassan and Dr. El  Fiqqi reply: ‘I don’t believe Egyptian fans did this’.

It seems the Egyptians are obsessed about trying at all cost to look like sinless angels who can do no wrong, the victims who have been wronged by everyone. That alone proves that they are delusional about the whole thing, they’re in denial, they cannot accept defeat in a football match. When will they grow up or at least wake up?

There are many other videos of the same programme which contain more hilarious Egyptian propaganda and which I will post later.

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I enjoy writing, well communicating to be more precise as writing is somewhat a solitary activity. I tend to think that life is beautiful and interesting but people tend to over-complicate it. I like thinking about people and societies (netfelssaf like we say in Algerian). Apart from that, am relatively begnin.

2 thoughts on “Egyptians starting to wonder how to put out the fire they started

  1. How come nobody told me the meaning of democracy and press freedom have changed? I guess now I have to do some research, I might understand how civilisation, peaceful, strong and some other terms got used in those unexpected contexts.
    These people should learn to better deal with proportions. How could they compare their audiovisual media armada to the Algerian written press! Sensational press is the same everywhere but the Egyptian one’s influence is far beyond anything the Algerian press dreamed to reach.
    This video is an example of how disappointed this kind of press gets when the witness tells the simple and positive truth.

    The sad thing about this is even the respectable media drowned in this crisis, probably trying to increase its audience. Exactly like the man who called from KSA said that he’s an intellectual but he preferred to speak as one of the “ordinary” people. I had always thought the élite’s role was to guide the people and explain things but apparently this has changed too and now the élite follows whatever the ordinary people say…

    Algerians and Egyptians seem to agree, though for different reasons, that it’s time to get over the “big sister” thing and all its implications. This concept is so deeply written in the Egyptian minds that even Muslim scholars such as ElQaradawi and Wajdi Ghanim and others mention it in their call to calm and both urge the Algerian president to make the first step and go to Egypt talk with the Egyptian president. None of them thought that it could be the other way around.

    One last point, I don’t really care what they say about Algeria and Algerians but I feel it’s just unacceptable for any non-Algerian to discuss my identity and tell me who I am.

  2. The way I look at it is this:

    There can only be two possibilities: either these people are lying through their teeth knowing full well what they’re doing, or they really believe they are telling the truth.

    If it’s the first then shame on them for manipulating their own people so unethically. If it is the second, then they are truly dumb.

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