Happy and blessed Eid to all

Today, the tenth day of Dhul-Hidja, Muslims all around the world celebrate Eid El Ad’ha or the festival of the sacrifice.

I take this opportunity to wish a happy Eid to my fellow Algerian people and to all the Muslims around the world. A special thought goes to our brethren in Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, Darfur, Chechnya, China and everywhere Muslims endure war conditions. I also think of those who are away from their families, those in prison, those who are ill and those who are poor. May God help us all and give us the strength and energy to overcome these adversities. Also may He guide us to the right path.

What happened recently between Egypt and Algeria showed the limits of the pan-Arabism policies as depicted by the Arab regimes. It also showed the limits of the Islamic Nation concept as imagined and promoted by most of the “Islamist” project sympathisers. Nationalism, patriotism and chauvinism being against any supra-national ideal.

The events however shouldn’t mislead us. Algerians, Egyptians and the rest of the Arabs feel they are closer to each other. Exactly like Algerians, Egyptians and the rest of the Muslims feel closer to each other. Both groups have a shared past, culture, future and even a similar role to play in this world. You only have to watch the images of the Muslim pilgrims in Mecca to get a grasp of the ties uniting them (us).

So the Arab and Islamic belonging feelings do exist at the people’s level. No-one can deny it. The only nuance  to add here is that these feelings coexist with other equally important feelings (nationalism for e.g.). It is perhaps time to give a new meaning to the Arab and Muslim Nations which matches better the Arabs and Muslims feelings without trying to dissolve their group or individual  identities,  erase their specificities or simply deny their national belongings. Once done, everybody will be able to join forces to improve our global situation, be active and become a positive asset to this world.

The picture below is a caricature, so our Egyptian friends… and brothers shouldn’t have any hard feelings. It was just a football game after all and the people reactions should have never reached those unbelievable levels. Then let’s celebrate together and laugh at Amr Adeeb’s stupid behaviour.

Eid Mubarak to all

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One thought on “Happy and blessed Eid to all

  1. Eid saadane mnarvidz (mubarek is a taboo word right now in Algeria)! Good cartoon you got there, is the sheep’s name Mohamed Foued by any chance?

    It is funny really, but no ‘ism’ sits comfortably with monotheism as Islam intends it. I don’t think you can be a real muslim and at the same time subscribe to nationalism, patriotism, arabism or whatever ‘ism’. The mistake we often make is that often, monotheism is too abstract for the simple people to incite them to social cohesion. In the past, they resorted to tangible intermediaries to God, nowadays, we have to invent all sorts of ‘ism’s which are closer and more tangible with respect to our human nature. We can’t help it, but it is a mistake from an islamic point of view. It is a slippery road.

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