Egyptians are starting to retract

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About algerianna

I enjoy writing, well communicating to be more precise as writing is somewhat a solitary activity. I tend to think that life is beautiful and interesting but people tend to over-complicate it. I like thinking about people and societies (netfelssaf like we say in Algerian). Apart from that, am relatively begnin.

2 thoughts on “Egyptians are starting to retract

  1. Showing the woman in the video as an illustration to the post title is somewhat odd.
    I see little traces of retraction in her words. She is of course more reasonable and smarter than the bunch of people we recently saw in the Egyptian media. She however is far from telling all the truth and giving the right values to the events.
    How good and useful would it be for the Egyptian people who attempt to make some auto-criticism if only a part of the truth is faced? Is there not a mandatory minimum objectivity (absent here) required for this self-analysis?

    An Arab saying urges people to adapt their words to match their audience brains. The audience mood should also be considered in this case.
    I dare hope this woman is trying to follow the above “rules”, that it’s too early (yet so urgent), and that her message will be different and closer to the truth in the coming days/weeks.

  2. Well, I agree with most of what you say but I still think there are unmistakable signs of retraction in this video. Think about it, after the hysterical campaign they started, they can’t simply drop the whole thing and admit 95% of it was lies and fabrications (or at least a gross exaggeration).

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