Algerian students injured in Cairo

Amr Adeeb and his likes in the Egyptian media can be happy. They performed wonderfully and achieved their goals. The Egyptian authorities and population can also be happy. All are taking part in the hunt of Algerians living in Egypt and taking revenge for the alleged attacks in Khartoum.

The above video shows two Algerian students who just left that dangerous country  of Egypt and came back to Algeria. Nobody can say they are faking it because it was the Egyptian police who handed them to the Algerian embassy in Egypt before being repatriated.

They tell the journalists how they lived in fear since November 14, and how they’ve been attacked by the Egyptians after the November 18 game. Nobody could save them because the assailants were so many. When the Egyptian police arrived, they took them to their police station, handcuffed. There, they treated them like animals, insulted them and didn’t even show them to a doctor.

Actually, Amr Adeeb and his likes, the Egyptian authorities and population, all should feel very ashamed.

This has to stop now. It’s been more than a week for God sake. Move on and get over it.

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