Account from Cairo of a ‘special envoy’ from algerian newspaper El Watan

L’escalade de la haine des cinéastes égyptiens

The article is in French, but the main point of the author is that he was shocked that the entire egyptian capital was instantaneously engulfed in a frenzy of hatred, mascaraded as ‘patriotism’, following the football match against Algeria which Egypt lost after a national media campaign which literally promised a guaranteed win. The author claims he searched in vain for any voice of reason, from the intellectuals, artists and supposedly independent media tycoons, but they all joined in the hysteria of the disappointed masses. Egypt is in a deeper mess than anyone had ever suspected. Even the Egyptians are in denial. Here is a translated excerpt from the article:

Thirteen Algerian films were programmed (in the 33rd Cairo Film Festival), as well as a tribute to Rachedi followed by an official dinner at the Citadel. The atmosphere was quite normal and the proceedings were going ahead as planned before the two football games. Then the triumph of the Greens (the Algerian national football team) in Khartoum has suddenly brought all Egypt to the shores of a dangerous escalation of hatred. Without rhyme nor reason, the organizers of the film festival fell in the dull movement, turning the cinematographic event into a trap. Two (Algerian) filmmakers who were members of the jury, Belkacem Hadjadj and Lies Salem, stormed out slamming the door. The reporters sought a return flight to go back home (to Algeria). Films by Algerian filmmakers Rachid Bouchareb, Abdelkrim Bahloul, Bashir Derra, Said Ould Khelifa, Fatma Zohra Zamoum … have suddenly disappeared from the halls after the goal of Antar Yahia!

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