Egyptian viewpoint on Algeria vs Egypt after Sudan play-off

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I enjoy writing, well communicating to be more precise as writing is somewhat a solitary activity. I tend to think that life is beautiful and interesting but people tend to over-complicate it. I like thinking about people and societies (netfelssaf like we say in Algerian). Apart from that, am relatively begnin.

One thought on “Egyptian viewpoint on Algeria vs Egypt after Sudan play-off

  1. I like this video a lot because I found it very interesting.
    It of course showed the dialogue of the deaf between the Egyptians and Algerians which won’t stop before the Egyptian side acknowledges that the physical violence started in Cairo before the 14/11 match and not afterwards.

    But what makes this video interesting is the impressions it created on me.
    The impression it wants to give is that of neutrality, by inviting the same number of guests from both sides and asking them relatively similar questions.
    But I also have the strong impression that it wasn’t 100% fair and was indeed the “Egyptian viewpoint”. Here are some elements:
    – Yusri Hussein disagrees with his government and is here to say it. He is fair in analysing the EGY/ALG events.
    – Zitout is here following his and his friends’ agenda. He is an opponent who hates the Algerian system and would do anything to blow it down. Some of the information he gives is correct but not everything is.
    – By inviting these two people, the journalist unbalanced the debate because Zitout is harsher on the Algerian government, esp. with his voice, words and tone, compared to the Egyptian guest.
    – The journalist is fair only when the question or answer is generic (Arab regimes, Gazza, etc.) but as soon as Zitout mentions Egypt, or for instance when Adlane wanted to talk of the origin of the physical violence, they are very quickly stopped.
    – The journalist insisted on why the Algerian media didn’t apologise for reporting unconfirmed deaths, but not a word on apology of the Egyptians for having called DZ players liars.
    – The journalist mentions very quickly stuff such as the taxes requested by the DZ government to Orascom and says the decision was very sudden. Talking quickly of such stuff doesn’t let anyone discuss them and makes you think they’re 100% true.

    Now I forgot the other items I wanted to mention :), but most of them are due to the journalist. Good job!

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